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Let or industry leading Marijuana business consultants give you a full Marijuana Business consultation.Our experts can give you a full run down of what you are doing right, wrong, what everyone else is doing, and where things are headed.

Though it sounds unrealistic, most of the businesses we walk into we can improve 15% in the first 48 hours. A lot of the businesses we have worked with here in the state have improved in the amount of almost 500% in the first year. Some of the problems in this industry aren’t as bad as a lot think, and a garden doesn’t take a year to turn round it takes about 4 months. Though each week with us you will notice a small difference until about week 14-18 when we have a complete 180 of its previous performance. Some set ups are better than others and budgets are always different and a lot of times tight.

Our plan is to walk in and work with what you have, leases, equipment, employees, just a simple reorganization or the introduction of industry proven genetics, or a couple hundred dollars in new bulbs, all of these things ad up to a percentage of the problem. Once we have tightened the bolts and pieced together what we have to work with, and improved the garden then we slowly start making improvements once there is a steady flow of revenue coming into the business. We have given loans, worked for stock options, and a number of other creative business ideas to keep you in business and to help you improve on every aspect of your business.

$99 its not a fee, its the best investment you’ve made since the day you started in this industry!

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