Secret Shopper

secret shopper

      Let our tutors come in for an unexpected visit to your store or garden. Let us show you where the competition ranks compared to your business. Our experts can walk through your Dispensary (MMC) and diagnose problems from the store back to your Garden (OPC) without even looking at it. Everything is intertwined and related

Secret shoppers can be great for a business looking to compare the competition, gain helpful insight, and make a full market analysis.

We will secret shop you or even your competition and send you a fully detailed evaluation of everything related to your business What works and what doesn’t. What you are doing well and where there is room for improvement.Secret1-Feature

Everything from product placement and presentation to increasing your sales and employee attitude, we will give you an unbiased analysis. Small adjustments lead to major improvements. Let us help you adjust accordingly in a highly competitive industry.

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