Meet Your Tutors

Cory Waggoner

CEO, Business Development Project Manager

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             Graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2008, with a bachelors degree in Pre-Law and Philosphy has been an entrepreneur since he was 18. Starting up multiple small businesses in industries such as sanitation, construction, landscaping, mobile detailing, windshield repair, insurance, real estate, and medical marijuana. Cory’s focus has been on developing businesses from the beginning stages of marketing strategies, logo design, and networking in order to have multiple strong bases for revenue as new businesses get their starts.

       Specific to the Marijuana industry Cory has worked with multiple dispensaries and caregivers in multiple states across the country. Helping them build solid business plans and execute them without error. Cory has been part of build outs and garden management projects from 500 sq. ft to 32,000 sq. ft.

Christopher Morris  

Senior Consultant, Production Specialist.

chris MJ Tut Pic
        Chris is a lifelong gardener. He was born and raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming and spent summers on his grandparents farm in Albin, Wyoming. He learned how to garden from his grandmother, Gertrude as she had a tremendous garden every year.

       Chris became an MMJ patient in 2007 and started applying his gardening knowledge to growing medical grade marijuana. Like most he started with a small basement grow. Soon he became a caregiver and was flooded with requests to grow for others.

      Eventually Chris was hired as the garden manager for ‘Options Medical Center’ one of the biggest gardens and dispensaries in Boulder. It was here that he was able to fine tune his ‘system and rotation’ and adapt his methods to a commercial level of production.

     Chris has provided consultation to many gardens and dispensaries since. His gardening expertise and knowledge is backed by his vast experiences with varying situations.

Terry Davis

Junior Consultant, Garden Manager.


Terry Davis’ background in fine dining as a chef has helped Terry to understand the amount of preparations needed as well as the attention to detail needed to manage a large commercial garden.

He has proven over the last two years that he has the understanding, as well as the dedication to run and operate any garden. He has worked his way up through the ranks to become our best protege, and we can only see a bright future for him with Marijuana Tutors.

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